About Mayfair and Grace

At Mayfair & Grace we pride ourselves in providing our customers with the finest products and customer service that will make you look, feel and smell exquisite - essentially enriched. We specialise in the best brands in beauty, skin care, men’s grooming, bath, children, home fragrance and more. We carefully source our products from all over the world and trial them extensively to ensure that our customers get products that actually work and that deliver results - only then are they Mayfair & Grace approved.

We pride ourselves in giving you “the best possible service” and wanting to please you in every way. All of our products are 100% authentic supplied by the brand manufacturers just like the big department stores. We offer the very best of designer brands, new exciting products and some old firm favourites. Each and every product is carefully selected by our experts.

Everyone here at Mayfair & Grace adore what we do and never tire of the excitement and hope you get trying new products. Finding the finer things is a mission of ours - It’s such a big world full of secret discoveries to be made and treasures to find and we can’t wait to share them!

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