The Beauty Behind The Brand - Inner Soul Organics

The Beauty Behind The Brand – Inner Soul Organics

Inner-Soul Organics are know for using the finest organic ingredients. They aim to make the experience of looking after skin a sumptuous treat for the senses with the way they feel and their heavenly scents.  We love the products so much that we wanted to find out a bit more… We spoke to the beauty behind the brand, the beautiful Emma Coleman, and asked her for some winter skin advice.

 Inner Soul Organics

Pink Box Cosmetics:  Tell us a bit more about you?

Emma Coleman:  I live in Bromley, North Kent, with my husband Andrew and our 3 sons, Ewan, (13), Claude, (10) and Oscar, (8). We have a spoilt rotten guinea pig and a hamster – that is enough for now! We would love a dog but we are not at home enough unfortunately.

PBC:  How did you get into skincare?

Emma Coleman:  I was an aromatherapist for 12 years and started making tailor-made products for my clients to use on their skin. I then decided to launch a capsule range of skincare to balance mind and skin. I was a nurse(in another life), and had learned to view people holistically, and I developed a love for the design process of making products and really looking at what people need, inside and out  – it’s so fascinating. There really is a plant extract suitable for treating most skin issues, and I wanted to capture this.

PBC: What are the key features of Inner Soul?

Emma Coleman: Natural and organic skincare to make women feel beautiful inside and out with the way the products look and feel as they go onto the skin. All items are made in the UK, and our packaging is also sourced here, and each product also has an inspiring quotation on the label, to enhance the ‘Britishness’ of the brand. We have just launched our gift ranges in time for Christmas and are hoping to launch some new skin products next year – watch this space!

PBC: We are going into the winter months now – does this change what we should be using on our skin?

Emma Coleman: Some skin types are more sensitive to temperature change than others, but I would say that in most cases the ways that we expose our skin to dry heat – including central heating or even our fan heater in the car – then the cold air outside coupled with gusts of wind, at this time of year, will take our skin away from homeostasis, (its naturally balanced state). This can lead to excessive dryness, outbreaks, plus the aggravation of eczema and psoriasis. I once had a client who got constant hives the moment her radiators went on at home and at work – she inspired the design of Inner-Soul’s Barefaced Beauty Serum, which contains Kiwi Seed Oil and Rose Hips to calm highly irritated skin whilst rejuvenating. Keeping skin deeply cleansed is a great and simple way to start taking better care of your skin now and if skin is really out of sorts, this needs to be carried out twice daily with a mild product such as Dr Hauschka’s cleansing cream, which I love the feel and scent of.

Inner Soul Barefaced Beaut Serum

Inner-Soul’s Barefaced Beauty Serum, which contains Kiwi Seed Oil and Rose Hips to calm highly irritated skin whilst rejuvenating.

Dr. Hauschka Cleansing Cream

Dr Hauschka is a great mild cleanser











PBC: What sort of regime would you recommend for someone who is having problems with their eczema or psoriasis?

Emma Coleman: These sensitivities tend to be inherited from other family members, but I always advise people to go natural when buying skincare if they have a tendency to these problems. Slicking on really mild but thicker products such as Moa’s green balm will deeply moisturise for long periods and also contains Yarrow, known for its healing properties. Another wonder product for irritations is Burt’s Bees Sensitive Moisturising Cream, which contains Rice and Aloe extracts to soothe and replenish the skin’s surface, paving the way for healthy new cells. If eczema or psoriasis occur facially, I always advise avoiding the use of strong steroid creams as they will thin the skin if used over long periods, leading to poor quality, fragile skin and speeding up signs of ageing too.

Moa Green Balm

Moa has amazing healing properties!

PBC: What sorts of products should people with combination use?

Emma Coleman: With the correct choice of ingredients, combination skin can be a lot easier to manage than people think. I have met so many women and men over the years who are struggling with dryness and oiliness on the face, and are investing huge amounts of time and money into several products to use all at once. I always advise people to take it back to simplicity – bombarding skin can make matters worse and again, keeping things natural can really help. Decleor Ylang Ylang Purifying Serum reduces shine and imperfections whilst lightly moisturising, leaving skin clear. A good toner will also reduce any oiliness and Burt’s Bee’s Anti-Blemish Clarifying Toner contains Willow Bark to cleanse deep into the pores.


Burt's Bees Clarifying Toner

PBC: If you had to pick just 5 beauty products to live with, what would they be?

Emma Coleman:  Bobbi Brown blusher – can dot this onto lips and cheeks. Burt’s Bees Moisturisers – they smell and feel gorgeous. Inner-Soul’s Circulation Boost Skin Oil – put onto skin or into bath water to give my skin and energy a boost.Miller Harris fragrance – in a word, beautiful.Green People sunscreens  – always keep some in the glove box for me and the children.

Terre D'Iris

Miller Harris – Beautiful!

PBC:  What’s your beauty secret?

Emma Coleman: Lots of water and keeping skincare as simple as possible in terms of natural ingredients and minimal products. I use inner-Soul’s Barefaced Beauty Serum mornings and before sleep as it is great for sensitive and mature skins.


Inner Soul Organics

PBC: What do you most love about being a businesswoman / running your own business?

Emma Coleman: I love the freedom and excitement it brings, which I have always craved. The thrill of achieving something which I may have had to wait for, or reading some lovely coverage about Inner-Soul in the press is wonderful, and I love the design and creation process too.

PBC: What advice would you give to someone starting out in business?

Emma Coleman: Try not to be impulsive or too reactive. Sometimes it is better to sleep on something for a few days and do nothing than jump in and make mistakes.

PBC: You must be really busy with business and the children, how do you take time out?

Emma Coleman:  I try to do 2 spin classes weekly, (yes I am slightly mad), and I love spending time with my family at the weekends – in fact my grandparents are coming to stay with me this weekend. I find cooking for friends and family very cathartic too.

PBC: Which people have most inspired you in your life?

Emma Coleman: Andrew my husband has been running businesses since I met him in 1993 and I have picked up some real pearls of wisdom from him. The women in my family are strong and hard working, always striving for better and I think this attitude has stuck, plus my children inspire me every day with their spirit and remind me to laugh even if I’ve had a difficult day.  I want to do well for them.

PBC:   As we have just had Halloween, what scares you most?

Emma Coleman: Spiders with thick legs – you know the ones, they lurk in sheds – always make me scream and run a mile, but thin-legged ones are ok!

Inner Soul