Mineral Make Up

Mineral Make Up

Mineral Make up

These days we are all trying to be greener, eat healthier and get a bit fitter so it’s no surprise that we are starting to think about what we put on our skin too.

Mineral Make up has been around for quite a long time now and even though we are putting it on our skin, do we really know that much about it.


What is mineral make-up?

Mineral make up originated in the mid 70’s – and were products made with 4-5 all natural, finely ground minerals from the earth–that were more beneficial to the skin than the chemicals, dyes, and preservatives found in traditional makeup. Mineral make-up is made by using the purest inert ingredients that don’t contain harmful irritants. The minerals that are used are undiluted pure pigment, with no contaminants.


mineral make up jane iredale, with added spf

Provides exceptional coverage

Why is it better for you?

Minerals have so many various benefits to the skin and they are ideal ingredients for make-up as they are naturally coloured. Some minerals have sunscreens, which are natural: Titanium Dioxide and Zinc Oxide are among the best ones as they reflect light.

These particular minerals also are anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial. The soothing and weightless nature of minerals means they can be used on the most sensitive skin and are frequently used post-surgery.

Key Benefits:

  • Looks natural and feels lightweight.
  • Sheer, light and provides great coverage for all skin types and women of all ages.
  • It won’t block your pores and allows the skin to breathe.
  • It won’t cause allergies and is ideal for sensitive skin.
  • It’s a natural anti-inflammatory and helps to calm and soothe irritated skin.
  •  Provides broad spectrum UVA & UVB protection.
  • Water resistant.
  • Long lasting.

    Mineral Makeup with Fan brush 24 Gold Dust


Why choose minerals?

Every day more women and even men are choosing mineral make-up over more traditional cosmetics. The lightweight texture means you can use as little or as much as you need, and the layered coverage gives a quick and versatile finish that suits men and women of all ages, whatever their skin type.


The question ‘why choose minerals?’ This really can only be answered with ‘why would you not choose a cosmetic range that benefits the skin, allows it to function normally and looks and feels  fabulous?’

 mineral make up 24 karat powders