Makeup - Tips and Advice

Makeup – Tips and Advice

  • When applying mineral foundation or powder, finish with downward strokes to avoid the appearance of pores
  • Having wonderful products is no help at all if you don’t order them properly. You should apply the products with the lightest formulas first and finish with heavier products
  • If your cheeks are slightly flustered, go for a bold lip. Wearing a neutral lipstick will make the redness of your cheeks stand out more
  • A few minutes after applying your lipstick, blot your lips with tissue, dust them with powder and then apply another coat of lipstick. This will make your lip colour last much longer
  • When wearing eyeliner, only apply it to the outer two thirds of your eyes to keep your eyes looking awake.
  • Use a concealer brush to cover up blemishes rather than your finger. The tapered bristles can conceal the blemish better as the brush can reach into the crevices.
  • Apply a streak of highlighter up the bridge of your nose on top of your usual foundation. This will create the illusion of a slimmer nose.
  • A dot of white shadow or pencil on the inside of the eye near the tear duct will make eyes instantly look brighter.
  • For those of you with heart-shaped or oval faces, avoid using too much blush.
  • If you have light brown eyes, avoid black eyeliner and use dark brown instead. This will compliment your eye colour much better.
  • Curling your eyelashes will instantly open your eyes while still looking natural.