Étui Noir & Lumière DoréeCreated by the very charming Mathieu Nardin who has worked closely with Miller Harris from the start. Mathieu describes these two new additions  as being like ‘a screenplay with two leading characters, a pair of fragrances that circle each other in a dance of light and shade.’

Have you tried the two new additions from Miller Harris.

The very sexy Étui Noir –

Like a worn leather jacket that gets passed between you, leaving comforting flashbacks of the other in its scent. With top notes of Bergamot Italy EO, Tangerine, Elemi Gum. Iris Butter Morocco, Incense, Cashmere Wood, Styrax EO at its heart and the sauntering base notes of Patchouli Indonesia EO, Vetiver Haiti EO, Leather, Amber, Birch EO, Labdanum Abs

Our summer vibe favorite  Lumière Dorée –

The early sunshine, dipped in gold, pulls you outside to devour the day. A shower of light, where Bergamot and orange flowers refresh, and notes of neroli and jasmine leave you energised. A sense of yourself, space to reflect. Luminous and excited, you shine through the day at the speed of light.

What’s your favorite?

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