Autumn Top 10 Tips

Autumn Top 10 Tips

Summer begins to fade and the leaves start to fall from the trees, the cool weather slowly makes its way in.

Though it is hard packing away our summer dresses, the thought of getting cosy  in our woollies and jeans can be quite nice. Is is time to rethink our skin care regime?

1  Moisture Rich Body Wash

In the summer we tend to go for light, fresh body washes, but when the weather starts to turn colder, maybe it’s take a look at the shower gel that you are using.

It’s a good idea to choose a moisture rich wash like Dr Hauschka Almond Soothing Body Wash 200ml which contains avocado oil with essential fatty acids. This supports the moisture balance of the skin, helping to prevent dry skin.



Nourishing oils soften and protect the skin

2   Body Brushing and Exfoliating

Using a body brush or exfoliator is a great way to keep your skin radiant. Not only does it keep your skin in tip top condition, it also has some added health benefits too. Body brushing daily will help to eliminate body toxins, improve blood circulation and the appearance of cellulite. When exfoliating always go in the right direction – towards the heart. Burt’s Bees Cranberry & Pomegranate Sugar Scrub will do the job perfectly!

Burt's bees cranberry and pomegranate sugar scrub

Gently exfoliate to leave skin silky and soft.


3  Moisturize Daily

If you want to keep dry skin at bay, it is important to keep your skin hydrated daily. As well as taking on plenty of fluids, using a good all over body moisturizer or oil will keep your skin soft and supple. The best time to apply your moisturizer is right after a shower or a bath, as this will help seal in the moisture. Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream Intensive Moisturising Body Cream  will help to reverse any dryness and flaking and will leave your skin so soft and supple.

elizabeth arden 8 hour cream for your body

Intense hydration for your body!

4  Take a Good Look at Your Skin

When the weather changes and the central heating is switched on, you may notice your skin type beginning to change. Sometimes, those with oily skin might  find that their skin is behaving normally, while those with normal skin could suddenly tend to feel rather dry. You may need to change your skin care products accordingly if this is happening to you.


5  Your Skin Care Routine

With our hectic and busy lives, it can be hard to keep track of what you should be doing when, let alone thinking about when we should or shouldn’t be exfoliating etc. Most of us only reach for the mask or exfoliator when our skin is beginning to look dull or not behaving itself.

It might be an idea to organize these little treats to specific days to optimize your skin and keep it glowing and radiant. How about enjoying a relaxing face mask on a Sunday morning, and exfoliating on Tuesdays and Fridays. If you stick to your own skin care schedule, your skin will have all the benefits and you will see it!

There are many exfoliators available today so it can be quite hard to choose. Dr Bragi Bio Marine Exfoliant– its’ a great, simple home treatment that  acts in a similar way to microdermabrasion by focusing on any stubborn, congested areas of dead surface skin cells.

exfoliate skin to reveal soft skin

Our Favorite! Dr Bragi Bio Marine Exfoliant.


6 Sun Protection

You don’t have to be lying in the hot sun to get sun damaged skin, so be kind to your skin during the cooler months. A simple way to do this is by using a daily moisturizer with at least SPF 15.  After moisturizing, apply  mineral make up. Most of these have the added bonus of containing an SPF too, so you get an added bonus.  One of our favourite day creams  is Green People Day Solution SPF15, it is suitable for everyone, including those with sensitive skin – plus it’s organic!

Green people day cream with spf 15

Ideal for all skin types, even sensitive skin


7 Your Feet

With all the warm weather during the summer, we have been showing off our lovely toe nails with pride. So let’s try and keep them in that showcase condition. We know that once they’re tucked up in the woolly socks and big boots it seems as though they are not coming out for six months (or at least that’s how it feels). But it won’t be long until you are slipping on your flip flops once again!

Having bright coloured toes is an instant pick me up, so grab some foot balm and nail polish and keep you feet happy!

8  Invest in a Good Cuticle Oil

Dry cuticles are a sure sign that the cold weather is here. Many regular hand creams are not powerful enough to tackle dry cuticles, so investing in good cuticle oil is the best way to prevent sore, cracked skin in the colder months. It’s  a good idea to apply just before you go to sleep as you can leave it on and let it do it’s magic. Dadi Oil is the daddy of cuticle oils –  it does the job perfectly!


95% Certified Organic Nail Treatment, cuticle oil

95% Certified Organic Nail Treatment

9  Perfect Polish

Autumn is a great time to revamp your nail polish collection. Black is still a firm favourite, but a new alternative to the moody hue has taken inspiration from the dark shades of the earth and sky. Think oxbloods, midnight blues, amethysts, as well as  mossy and emerald greens.

Nail polish Essie Exotic Liras

Perfect for Autumn Nails!

10  Indulge in a New Hand Cream

Your hands are one of the first places to show signs of ageing, so it’s important to take care of them, especially in the autumn and winter. Also, as your hands are in and out of water so much, you will need to apply a moisturizer more often than you would the rest of your body. So always have some handy in your handbag and on your desk. The scent of a hand cream can be quite uplifting too – we love Di Palomo Wild Fig & Grape Hand & Body Lotion. It’s like luxury in a bottle!

Di Palomo Wild fig and grape hand & Body lotions

Luxury in a bottle!